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    Бесплатные рефераты










    My native town is Brest. It is often called the visiting card of
    Belarus, its western gateway.Brest is an ancient town. In the chronicle of
    Ipati it was mentioned in 1019 under the name of Berestye.

    My native town is famous for its historical places because severalhistorical events took place in Brest and some well-known people used to behere. First of all I'd like to mention that on the 3d of March 1918 a peacetreaty was signed in the White Palace of the Brest Fortress. The documentssay that during the Northern War Peter the I came to Brest in 1706.
    Griboyedov wrote his works in Brest and the famous Polish poet Pushkin'sfriend Adam Mitskevich lived in our town. In the years 1797-1800 the great
    Russian general Suvorov stayed in Kobrin where there is a museum nowadays.

    Certainly the heroic defence of the Brest Fortress over the Bug is themost outstanding event in the history of Brest recorded in golden lettersnot only in its history but in the world history. In 1967 the Brest
    Fortress was givven the title of Fortress-Hero.

    Brest today is the main industrial and cultural centre of Brest region.
    There are about 40 factories and plants in the town which produce carpets,gas stoves, knitted wear, foot wear, souvenirs and other goods. Brest isalso a great transport centre and a river port.

    In the town there are 2 Institutes, several professional schools and 35secondary schools. Brest has its Drama Theatre, Puppet Theatre, Palace ofculture and Youth Palace, several museums, cinemas and clubs.

    From year to year the town is growing and becoming more and morebeautifull. Green parks and gardens, squares with wonderful roses, widestreets lined with trees make the beauty of my native town.

    It is interesting to know that Brest has a twin-city in France alsocalled Brest.

    Реферат Банк
    Бесплатные рефераты







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