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    Бесплатные рефераты






    Types of holiday


    Іноземна мова

    Types of Holiday

    Holiday is an extended period of recreation, especially spent awayfrom home or travelling. A break from work or a day of festivity orrecreation when no work is done is also called the same way.

    This means that holiday is a kind of tourist activity that is notconnected with work or business. Therefore, to make out which types oftourist activity refer to holiday one should exclude all kinds of businesstravelling and then it's quite possible to compose a list of types ofholiday according to different criteria.

    Such criteria might be duration of holiday, its geography, tourists 'mobility, their age, transportation, seasons, value for money, etc.

    But the main criterion is the aim of holiday. Different people takeholidays on various purposes. Some go hunting, others prefer to climbmountains. A lot of people have holidays relative to sport activities, suchas hiking, cycling, horse-back riding, rowing and canoeing, as well asscuba-diving or even bungee jumping. There are also such purposes asrecreation, treatment and medical care. In this case people can chooseresort or a spa. Tourism for recreation is very popular in our region. Thelocal nature is perfectly suitable not only for treatment but also forvarious kinds of adventure holiday. Today a great attention is paid toecological tourism and Krasnodar territory is the very place to develop itin.

    I think shop-tourism and business travelling cannot be added to thelist of types of holiday, for they are related to work.

    No less important criterion in this classification is how a holidaycan be organized. It may be done with the help of some travel agencies,tour operator companies, or one can organise his rest himself, that is,self-catering type of holiday takes place here.

    One of the tourist activities is studying. I'm not sure if it is atype of holiday, but one should not forget that for some people studying ismore recreating and relaxing than for example hunting or climbingmountains.

    Nowadays there are many kinds of work and each of them requires itsown type of holiday. So the number of types of holiday is steadilygrowing.

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