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    Бесплатные рефераты






    Коала (дикі тварини Австралії )


    Іноземна мова

    Koala - one of the most famous and favorite Australian animals. Him name as a bear, though a Koala are not connected to what type of bears.

    In translation from language of the Australian natives

    "Koala" means "not drinking", as a Koala do not drink water. They eat leaves eucalyptus, the contained there liquid suffices to them.

    The Koala weighs from four up to fifteen kgs and reaches eighty centimeters in length. Life expectancy - about 12 years.

    At a Koala a pear-shaped body, large round head with small eyes and largeblack nose. The tail at a Koala is not. The Koala is covered with thick,strong gray fur, because of which for them hunt. On legs the Koala has --five fingers, with which he clasps a trunk of a tree.

    Till eighteen - twenty two hours per day sleep on trees, and on ground islowered only for transition to a new tree. Sleep a Koala in of trees.

    Koala - single animal. The mothers very well care of children, the fathersthe participations in education of the kids do not accept.

    The small Koala is born underdeveloped and continues the development in abag. The newborn Koala weighs some grammes and length about twocentimeters. In a bag he will carry spend six months, eating there byparent milk. Then about one year the kid sits on Bottom or on a stomach ofthe mother, having seized in her fur, and for reception of food to put outa head from a bag

    Surprisingly that the Koala is able well to float and to jump on trees,though he is usual moves very slowly.

    The Koala meets only in Australia and only in eucalyptus woods in asoutheast of the country. They are under protection of the state, as theyare threatened with extinction. These harmless, lovely and curious animalshave a lot of enemies. They are production for the foxes, dogs Dingo andpredatory birds.

    The poachers kill them for the sake of valuable fur. Koalas perish on fire.
    The cutting down eucalyptus of woods conducts to reduction of territorythem habitats. The new generation at Koalas occurs very slowly-childoccurs all once per two years!

    The project about a Koala

    Has executed:

    Астаф'єв Дмитро 11-А

    2001 www.Dimitrius-x.narod.ru

    Реферат Банк
    Бесплатные рефераты







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