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    Бесплатные рефераты






    Контрольна робота з англійської мови № 2 ИЗО ГУУ (м. Москва )


    Іноземна мова

    Міністерство загальної та професійної освіти

    Російської Федерації


    Інститут журналістики

    Контрольна робота № 2 з дисципліни «Англійська мова»

    Спеціальність Бухгалтерський облік і аудит

    Курс 1-й

    Група БуіА-6-99/2

    Студент Д. В. Шабельников

    Студентський квиток №

    ВАРІАНТ № 2

    | Адреса | |
    | | |
    | | |
    | |

    «» грудня 2000р.

    «___»_______________ 2000р.

    Москва 2000р.

    Завдання № 1.
    Перепишіть речення, підкресліть причастя, вкажіть їх функцію.
    Переведіть пропозиції письмово.
    1. The sales manager showed us the list of goods exported by the company
    Inform us as soon as possible when you intend to deliver the goods ordered
    Not receiving letters from her, he sent a telegram
    When asked to take part in the talks, he agreed at once
    I have just bought a book containing information about taxation
    Being a foreigner, she couldn't get used to the life in this country.

    Завдання № 2.
    Перепишіть пропозиції, обравши вірний варіант присудка. Визначте йогочас і заставу.
    1. When he arrived in the city the bridge across the river

    _________________was still being builtwas still builthas still been built
    Every year the lectures of the Professor ________________ with greatinterest /had been listened toare being listened toare listened to
    The automatic devices ____________________ by the end of the last month.had been installedhave been installedare installed
    The works of this physicist _______________________ in the years to come.are referred towill be referred tohave been referred to

    Завдання № 3.
    Виберіть вірну відповідь. Перепишіть і письмово перекладіть пропозиції.
    Can you give me _________________ to drink?somethinganythingnothing
    If you find ____________________ interesting in this magazine, send it tome, please.somethinganythingeverything
    They had a very hard day, that's why ________________________ of them cameto the party.anyonenobodynone
    I don't expect _____________________ tonight.anybodynobodyeverybody.

    Завдання № 4.
    Перепишіть речення, підкресліть Об'єктовий інфінітівний оборот.
    Переведіть пропозиції письмово.
    1. We expect the company to work at a loss next year.
    We believe him to be one of best specialists in this field.
    I would like him to be promoted soon because he deserves it.
    I heard him speak on the phone.

    Завдання № 5.
    Вибрати вірний варіант. Перепишіть і письмово перекладіть пропозиції.
    Nobody is ____________________ than Mikehappieras happymore happier
    His job is ____________________ than his friend's.much importantmuch more importantmost important
    He is punctual and never comes ________________________.latelylate.
    He knows French _____________________ of all.worsebadlyworst

    Завдання № 6.
    Перепишіть і письмово перекладіть текст.
    1. Over the last thirty years a new approach to management has been developing. According to it the way to increase workers 'efficiency is to improve their job satisfaction and motivation. The methods of making work more interesting include job enlargement, job enrichment and new forms of group work.
    Job enrichment involves giving extra responsibilities to workers such asproduction planning, quality control and technical development. Specialtypes of work groups have been formed where workers share responsibilityfor certain tasks. For example, at the Volvo car plant in Sweden assemblyworkers do not work on a moving production line. They are organised intoteams of fifteen to twenty members. They have their own tasks, likeassembling heating and electrical systems, and they work in their own partof the factory. As can be seen, the basic idea of this approach that aworker should have an interesting job.
    In the 1930s Professor Elton Mayo, a Harvard University psychologist,evaluated the factors influencing productivity. He and his colleguesdirected a series of experiments on how working conditions affected output.
    Such things as lighting, lunch times, rest periods, wall colours, pay andtemperature were varied to see how they affected productivity. Theresearchers generally discussed the changes with the workers before puttingthem into effect. It was found that there was an increase in productivitywhether conditions were better or worse.
    The researchers realised that their study was also about workers 'attitudesand values. It was clear that the workers had developed a high moraleduring the experiment and had been motivated to work hard. They had enjoyedfeeling they were especially selected for the study and were receiving alot of attention from management. They had developed good relationshipswith each other and with their superior during the experiment. The goodrelationships and social contacts had made their work more enjoyable.
    The researchers came to the conclusion that social relations among workersand between workers and their bosses affect output, the quality of work andmotivation. The feeling of belonging to a group, and his/her status withinthat group strongly affect his/her behavior.

    Завдання № 7.
    Дайте відповідь у письмовій формі на запитання.
    In the reseachers 'experiments how did changes in working conditions affectthe workers?

    Реферат Банк
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